The LCP is a collaborative venture of archaeologists working on Levantine ceramics of all eras—from the Neolithic era (c. 5500 B.C.E.) through the Ottoman period (c. 1920). The LCP website is a digital resource where anybody can submit and find information about wares, shapes, specific vessels, scientific analyses, kiln sites, and chronology. Our goal is to build a robust digital tool that will make available an enormous data set, link scholars, and foster research throughout this vital region.

Periodic workshops are an integral component of the project. The workshops allow LCP contributors to present new discoveries and discuss issues in common. Since 2012 the LCP has hosted workshops in Greece (Athens), Israel (Jerusalem, Haifa), Belgium (Leuven), France (Lyon), and the United States (Ann Arbor MI, Raleigh NC, and Boston MA). Workshops are always open to all scholars, students, and anybody interested in the study of Levantine pottery.

If you are interested in hosting or participating in an LCP workshop, please contact the LCP editor (aberlin@bu.edu) for more information.