Goals and Organization

The Second Workshop on Levantine Ceramic Production and Distribution will be held at the Danish Institute of Archaeology, Athens from Friday, February 8th – Sunday, February 10th, 2013.

At this workshop we will have sessions devoted to geographic zones as well as the website’s organization and presentation. We will focus especially on three topics: 1) Medieval-era ceramic wares; 2) modes of identifying and categorizing ceramic wares and/or fabrics of the Bronze and Iron Ages; and 3) the identification of fabric regions based on petrographic and chemical analyses. Fabric regions are geological zones that share certain petrographic and/or chemical characteristics pertinent ceramic manufacture.

In each session there will be presentations of both archaeometric and ware data. We want to coordinate analytical results with ware and shape groups, and link this information to identifiable soil types and fabric regions – in other words to match petrographic and chemical conclusions to ceramic and geological realities. Discussion will not be restricted to a single era, since information on fabrics of one age can help pinpoint sources for other periods.

Participants should plan to give short presentations of data that has been submitted in advance to the website. Every session will include sufficient time for discussion, questions, argument, and attempts at synthesis. As the goal is to bring together all known information about Levantine ceramics, participants are encouraged to submit and present information that has already been published.