Workshops 2019

Workshop 1: May 23rd-24th, Bilkent University, Ankara: Ceramics of Anatolia through the ages, with a focus on Lycia and Cilicia

Workshop 2: May 31st, Rijksmuseum, Leiden: Petro-fabrics and Ceramic Wares of the Dead Sea Region

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Workshop 3: June 13th-14th, CAARI, Nicosia: Ceramic Wares of Cyprus from Neolithic through Medieval times

Workshop 4: June 20th, Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, Jerusalem: Levantine Wares of the Islamic, Frankish, and Ottoman Periods

Workshop 5: July 11th-13th, PCMA/University of Warsaw/IKSiO, Nieborów Palace, Warsaw: Pottery of Graeco-Roman Egypt